I hosted the Computing Club for 2015-2016 academic year. This one-hour session takes place every other Tuesday from 12:15-1:15 pm, involving various topics on computing. More importantly, food will be provided in every session! Please see below for the schedules. Links to the previous years’ Computing Club could be found here: 14-15, 13-14, 12-13, 11-12, 10-11, 09-10.

Date & Location Topics Presenter
09/08/2015 W2029 Welcome Session: Toolbox for Biostatistics Graduate Students Junrui Di & Stephen Cristiano
09/22/2015 W2303 Introduction to Cluster Zhicheng Ji
10/06/2015 W2029 Computing Q&A Session John Muschelli
10/20/2015 W2029 Boosting Computation with rcpp Stephen Cristiano
11/03/2015 W2029 D3 Visualization Leslie Myint
11/17/2015 W2303 Master Students’ Showcases: (1) Making Maps in R (2) Plots Arrangement in R Jisoo Kim & Hanying Li
12/01/2015 W2029 Toolbox for GWAS Haoyu Zhang
12/15/2015 W2029 A Survey of Automatic Bayesian Computation Softwares Zhenke Wu
02/09/2016 W2029 Creating Posters with Latex Junrui Di
02/23/2016 Cancelled
03/29/2016 W2029 Independent Component Analysis Lei Huang
04/12/2016 W2029 Initial Steps towards Reproducible Research Peter Hickey
05/10/2016 W2029 Polishing Figures with Illustrator Elizabeth Sweeney